We Are TiF: Ashwin Vadivelu

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  • By Tamils in Finance
  • January 25, 2021
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Ashwin Vadivelu is a CFA Charterholder and Senior Associate with EllisDon Capital where he is responsible for structuring and developing infrastructure & real estate transactions. An experienced development & project finance professional, Ashwin has led, modelled, and closed projects with capital costs over $300MM and raised over $800MM in private debt and equity across the healthcare, justice, & transportation sectors. Prior to joining EllisDon, Ashwin completed a Bachelor of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo & a Bachelor of Business Administration at Wilfrid Laurier University, along with internships at Scotiabank in the Debt Capital Markets & Equity Derivatives groups. An avid volunteer, Ashwin is also a Director for Hope4Child Relief Mission Inc. & the Canadian Tamil Professionals Association.

Being Tamil has meant recognizing the sacrifice undertaken by my parents in coming to Canada, and the immense privilege I’ve had to receive an education & pursue a career here in Canada. While my individual & family story is not unique within the Canadian-Tamil diaspora, our collective narrative is unique within the Canadian landscape, and one that is being actively written by a new generation of professionals that I’m lucky to be a part of. I look forward to being one of the many Canadian-Tamils who will play a role in shaping our economy for years to come.

One of the most effective aspects of TiF’s mentorship program is that I was connected to a role model & mentor that I could relate with & see myself emulating. I was very grateful that my mentor was engaged, proactive, and forthcoming in sharing his (very accomplished) career journey & his advice with me – hearing how he dealt with major career decisions, dilemma’s, and crossroads was invaluable to me, and his guidance was instrumental in my development last year.

TiF’s work of connecting professionals within the Tamil community is especially crucial in fostering development & career progress for younger professionals like myself. Having a strong professional network is a key to success in any industry, and is especially emphasized within finance, and TiF’s work in promoting this is essential for our collective success as a community.