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Tamils in Finance is a vibrant community of Canadian Tamil professionals and leaders within the financial sector. From investment banking to venture capital, our network spans across a multitude of financial disciplines, uniting individuals with a shared heritage and professional ambition.

Our core vision is to foster an environment of mutual support, mentorship, and professional growth. By leveraging our collective expertise, we aim to amplify the influence and success of Tamils in Canada’s financial landscape, creating a legacy of excellence and innovation for future generations.

What We Do?

Empowering Tamil Finance Community, Shaping Futures!

At Tamils in Finance, our mission is to forge a dynamic community for Tamil professionals within the financial sector.

We’re committed to fostering connections, offering mentorship, nurturing professional development, and empowering our members to make a significant impact, both individually and collectively.

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Build a stronger community of Canadian Tamils working on
Bay Street and increase their collective impact in the financial
services sector.
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Ensure that new and young Tamil professionals in
financial services are connected to expert mentors within
our network.
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